Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break!

My break is almost over and I'm 25 today. Over the week I went to a great lecture by Vik Muniz at the 92nd street Y. He spoke and gave a slideshow of his work for about an hour and a half. Vik's ideas are so smart and simple and he backs them up with great speaking and writing.
Also, I got to see the Achive Fever show at the ICP which is really great but daunting. I think I'll be going back to see it again as I couldn't really absorb everything in one visit.
I haven't gone to see the Whitney Biennial or Color Chart yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing them soon. Has anyone else seen them? What are your thoughts? I'm still re-drafting my proposal statement for this blog, and I will have the revised one up soon. Thanks for the feedback on the original. - Eric


subjectify said...

the Biennial was cool! but photography was definitely not its strong point. i was really excited to see Melanie Schiff's work there, but it didn't really stand out in that context, in my opinion anyway.

Success said...

The show was pretty overwhelming for me, I have to go back and see it for a second time. There was just such a huge amount of work, and every peice really demands a lot of its viewers (this is a good thing) but at shows like this I feel like I can only give and take in so much.